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We screen the bad guys

Brand safety in the online world is a growing concern for brands and advertisers. As the UK arm of the IAB reflected in 2015 over a dozen household names were faced with ads discovered on unsavory sites devoted to paedophilia, incest, bestiality and racism. “If there is one thing sure to dent your brand reputation, that’s probably it”, they concluded.

Detective came to life with one purpose: to prevent bad PR.

Most companies we work with state their biggest challenge to be a lack of knowing if or where their brand has been exposed to shady websites. If you don’t know if your brand has been exposed on shady websites, you will not know why and how your brands reputation is at risk and thus cannot eliminate it.

We realized that current efforts to curb critical ad exposure was all on the “blocking” side, trying to prevent deliveries of ads to blacklisted sites. While in a perfect world this would render the needed protection, we realized that a complementary effort in screening the bad guys themselves and tracing back any ad deliveries on dodgy websites would be needed.

We decided to come “from the other side” of the ad chain to get
the intel everyone was craving for.

Our aim is to get advertisers and media intermediaries an easy to understand view of their brand exposure on critical sites and, in case existing protection mechanisms do not hold, to provide all the needed information to weed out any shady publishers and protect the brand for good. In Swiss technology meets innovation for insights never before available.

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About us is powered by zulu5 technology. The successful Swiss tech start-up was founded by an Austrian, a German and 2 Swiss lads in 2014 who stand behind a revolutionary program that detects ad fraud in new ways and ensures advertisers will know exactly how and when their ads show on unsavory websites.

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