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What is my ad doing here?

You are not alone
A recent survey of the World Federation of Advertisers showed 85% of advertisers want to know how their ads get on illicit websites.

Let show you

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Our crawler-based brand safety platform transforms hidden data into transparent transactions, focusing on disclosing intermediaries and fraudulent staging websites that are serving ads on unsavory sites- see exactly how and where your ads are being displayed. We can help protect your online reputation.

How it works

How it works

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Quantifying Brand Exposure
Postview Brand Safety
Supplier Quality Analysis
Margin Stacking Analysis
Market Insights
Inventory Quality Analysis
Contract Verification
“The platform is incredibly easy to use and is providing the
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Robin Grünbichler
-Robin Grünbichler

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does do?
We screen inappropriate websites like porn, violence and streaming and report to you when an ad of your company has been seen on such site. Along this we provide you with detailed delivery information to inhibit such impressions from happening again.
How can it happen that my ad is displayed on an inappropriate website?
With the rise of programmatic buying and given the increased complexity of automated media placement sophisticated mechanisms of ad fraud have come up that lead to misplaced ads on unintended websites. Reassure yourself on that this is not the case for you.
I only book premium channels. Why should I worry that my ads are being displayed on inappropriate websites?
While premium channels generally do much more to prevent your ads from being displayed in the wrong kinds of environments, they also fall victim to fraud mechanism. Traffic fraud being one of the most critical ones. Zulu5 is working with many premium publishers who are going the extra mile in that respect.
I’m already using a brand protection service that should prohibit my ads from being displayed in the wrong kinds of environment. Why should I use
It would be fantastic, if existing brand safety tools could guarantee that your ads will not be shown in inappropriate environments. Fact is that today’s tools are not always able to assess the right referrers. They are not infallible to mechanisms of ad fraud. sees through all fraud mechanisms, given it imitates a «normal» user and will be able to expose the fraudulent link. As such is the perfect companion to your existing brand safety portfolio.
How much does cost?
You can try for free and will soon see what exposure you have to which kinds of environments. Detailed delivery and click chain analysis can be purchased as volume or flat rate packages.
Why should I worry that my ad is being shown on an inappropriate website?
There are commercial, legal and brand image implications of associating your brand with certain websites. While you certainly don’t want to associate your brand with inappropriate content there is also a commercial implication of displaying your ads on fraudulent or inappropriate websites. Most inappropriate websites finance themselves through advertising – with your budget. Supporting such sites with your advertising can lead to legal implications, depending on local legislature.
I’m only using cost per order or cost per lead pricing models. Why should I bother about fraudulent traffic?
While such pricing models appear to exclude fraudulent traffic, this cost is being included elsewhere. Your channel of choice needs to account for all clicks incurred in some way. One can assume that such cost will be included in the base price of your cost per order or cost per lead fee.
“We can now pinpoint the sources of fraudulant ad impressions
and work with our partners to eliminate them”
David Burst
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